Built on an ancient mountain pass, the City is forever being invaded by one nation or another, and every new master gives it a new name. But for the natives, their home is the Nameless City, and those who try to name it are forever outsiders. Dreamy, sheltered Kaidu is one such outsider. He’s a Dao born and bred–a son of the latest nation to occupy the Nameless City. Cynical, street-smart Rat is a native, and at first she hates Kai for everything he stands for. But Kai’s love of his new home may be the one thing that can unite these two unlikely friends. And they will need to stand together at all costs…because the fate of the Nameless City rests in their hands.

Je retiendrai l’amitié très forte qui se créée entre Kaidu et Rat, et qui devrait permettre à cette cité sans nom un avenir plus serein. Les personnages sont attachants, on les suit avec plaisir au fil des pages. La colorisation est agréable.